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Native Media is a manufacturer's rep firm specializing in the professional AV industry and serving the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas territory.


Founded in June of 2011 by Michael Austin, an industry veteran. Michael has been in the industry for decades and is a familiar face around it. He has worked in many aspects of the industry, from tour sound to install to sales to sales management. He has served on numerous rep councils, and is both an award winning rep individually and for the firm.

Several years ago Michael was beginning to see a shift in how the available technology was effecting how business was being conducted and how the manufacturers representatives needed to modify their model in order to continue providing the highest level of service, support and value for their partners. He felt the "legacy" role and model of a rep firm was in dire need of change.


So Michael launched Native Media to help bring innovative changes and an exciting new business model to the manufacture's rep world. For years many firms simply added lines, and in some manner became nothing but a line card, providing very little expanded value to the manufacturer, dealer and consultants. 


Native Media understands that all elements of the industry could benefit from a firm with a clear mission statement to become true business partners with all facets of the industry. Manufacturers need a true business partner to help educate and spread their message proactively. Native Media features technology to provide a very aggressive program for continued face time, information availability, product education, business and even marketing to benefit all business partners in the industry.  


Native Media is proud to introduce you to a whole new dynamic in manufacturers representation. Mixing "old school" and "new", creating a new rep model.

      Territories Serviced

      plus Mexico for several lines

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Michael Austin
Native Media Founder & President
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